Jury screening for Kallola - 4

The Jury screening for Kallola -4, took place on the 24th of Oct,2018 at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan .It was attended by all the members of Jury, officials from AAINA and UNICEF and a few other associates of Kallola.
It started with the introductory speech by Ms Sneha Mishra, Secretary Aaina. She introduced each of the 7 Jury members explaining their credentials and their area of expertise . She then gave a brief idea of the initiative of Kallola. How it had started in 2015 and has been dealing with issues related to child rights since then with this annual short film making contest.
She also introduced Ms Alka Gupta ,program officer from Unicef, Bhubanswar. She called her the brain behind the initiative of Kallola and the person behind it who is extremely passionate about it.
She then introduced Professor Annapurna Pande, who teaches Anthropology at University of California and also is a film maker herself. Sneha mentioned that a third party view might come handy as all the rest have been associated with Kallola some way or the other. She said it was indeed an honour and privilege to have her at the Jury screening.
Next she introduced all the members of Aaina as well as associates connected to Kallola.
She then called upon the dias Ms Alka Gupta to present a brief idea of Kallola as there were few new members this year.
Alka welcomed the jury members and went on to explain why Kallola had been started as a short film making contest back in 2015, and the reason was because we needed to see films around rights of children. In her previously organization that worked on environment & media , they had done a similar cinema contest which ran for 4 years and had worked out very well, and there were some brilliant films that had come up which were later screened in TV channels across India.