1) Who all can participate?
  • All film enthusiasts whether amateur or professional may participate.
  • Film makers, students, advertising professionals, broadcast professionals, media agencies also can participate.
2) What is the theme of the contest?
  • This year's theme is "NUTRITION: Every child's right for a healthy life". The same has been described in detail in the theme page. There is also an assessment test on your understanding of the theme, which will help you evaluate yourself.
3) How many films can be entered by one person / group/institution/club?
  • Each person /group/institution/club can submit a maximum of 2 entries in any capacity/profile. Entries have to relate to the theme.
4) In whose name will the certificates be given in case of group /institution or club? Incase of more than one director the certificate will be given to whom?
  • Certificates will be issued in the name of the film director of representing group in case of group/institution /club.
  • In case of more than one director, one certificate will be given to each of the directors having all the director's name. However, there will be only one trophy for the film in case they win the award.
5) Can a film be submitted jointly by a group, institution or club?
  • Yes anyone can participate. In case of a group /institution or club you need to decide who will be the lead person to sign and submit the entry form.
6) Is there an age limit for participation?
  • The contest is open to all who are 18 years and above in the general category.
7) Can people from Odisha residing/ studying/ working outside Odisha participate?
  • Yes. However they must have a contact address in Odisha and the film has to be in Odia /Hindi with subtitles in English.
8) What should be the duration of the film?
  • The duration of the film can be 30, 60, 90 seconds.( including 5 sec of credit plate)
9) What format should the film be submitted ?
  • All entries must be submitted in either : MOV/ MPVEG/ AVI formats. To avoid glitches while uploading winning films with subtitles in Youtube we advise you to go for APRS 422 HQ 25 FPS in stereo with Quick Time Format (MOV) .
  • Award winning film makers will be required to submit their entries in a portable hard drive to avoid any generation loss.
10) What are the parameters on which the film will be judged?
  • Depiction of the issue/theme
  • Packaging & presentation
  • Technical Quality (Video/ Audio/ effect)
  • Impact message
11) What is the date of the workshop?
  • The orientation workshop will be held on 8th September 2019 for the first 80 registered participants only. Venue and time will be intimated in advance.
12) What is the purpose of the workshop?
  • Discussion with participants on child rights issues in general and interacting with them to give them a clear understanding of this year's theme "NUTRITION: Every child’s right for a healthy life".
  • Interaction with a resource person from the film making fraternity , on using short films to communicate social issues.
  • Information on rules and regulations and award.
13) Is the workshop mandatory?
  • While the workshop is not mandatory, we would like to encourage all those interested in the contest to participate in this workshop. It will help to enhance their knowledge which will reflect in the films they make for the contest. This is free for all film makers who are interested.
14) What is the last date of submitting the entries?
  • 11th October 2019 (both online & offline)
  • For online submission the film maker has to upload the film via We Transfer along with the entry form and other relevant documents as per the guideline
  • For offline submission, the film maker has to submit the film along with all necessary documents at Aaina office on and before 11th October or can post/courier the film with necessary documents to the office (Aaina) address. Aaina shall not be responsible for any delay in postal/courier service beyond the timeline.
15) What are the documents to be submitted with the film DVDs?
  • Each entry MUST be accompanied with the following documents.
  • Note-In case any of this is not completed or not submitted with the film, the entry will NOT be considered for the contest
    a. Entry form & declaration duly completed and signed by the director/lead persons in case of group/institution.
b. One Production/film photo - digital
c. Digital photo of the director/lead person
d. Brief profile of the Film maker /director- soft copy
e. 2 DVDs screener copies in prescribed format
f. Synopsis of the Film (maximum 300 words)- soft copy
g. Original consent forms from all actors (consent by parent/guardian in case of child artist)in the film (please check the language)

** In case of online submission of films the above mentioned documents need to be uploaded along with your film.Click here for online submission of your film. Click here for online submission of your film.

16) Can the film be submitted with an undertaking stating that the relevant documents, consent forms etc will be submitted on a later date?
  • No undertakings will be accepted. All entries should be complete in all respect as specified on submission.
17) Do the film makers need to have the prior consent of the people and children whom they are filming
  • Yes, you need to obtain written consent from all those being filmed as per UNICEF & NCPCR guidelines in order to avoid any future litigations. The original forms have to be attached with the film submission. Click here for obtaining the format of consent of the artists/guardian .
18) Will there be any cash award for the winning film?
  • The winners will be awarded with trophies and certificates. All participants will get certificates. Efforts will be made to screen the winning films on local TV channels, theatres across Odisha & different Govt. and CSO programs.
19) Can we submit a film that has already participated/ won awards in other film contests?
  • Yes, but only if you have not shared copy rights of the film with the previous organizers. Copyright of the entry submitted, music used etc should be the filmmakers responsibility. However you need to mention this in the specified space in the entry form.
20) Is there any entry fee for participation in Kallola ?
  • No, there is no entry fee.
21) Who will bear the expenses of making the film?
  • All expenses pertaining to the making of film (s) for submission to the contest will necessarily be borne by the film maker himself/ herself or the group/ institution producing the film.
22) What should the credit plate include?
  • Credit plate must be added in the end of the film and only be held for a maximum of 5 seconds .However, while airing the award winning film, there might be changes in the credit plate, which the film makers would be expected to accommodate later as per requirement of the airing bodies.
23) Where should we submit the films ?
  • Please submit all entries to :
  • Aaina, 70/3530, Behind Hotel Mayfair Lagoon, Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneswar-13, Odisha .
  • Films can also be submitted online via WeTransfer. Click here for online submission of film.
  • Ensure you upload all necessary supporting documents mentioned earlier.(Ref: FAQ -15)