1. Who all can participate?
  Children from Mo Schools / Private /Public Schools , children from Odisha State Child Protection Society, children from Heritage Schools and children from Child Care Institutions(CCI) from all 30 districts of Odisha can participate. Also all film enthusiasts whether amateur or professional ,above 18 years of age who have made any films on the topic ‘COVID 19 & Children’ are welcome to participate in this festival.
2. Is Kallola 2020 different in format from the previous years?
  Yes. Because of the ongoing COVID situation and limitations on movement and gatherings we have turned this edition of Kallola into an online film festival instead of a contest. This year is about developing scripts for short films/ radio jingles by the children which can be further developed to short films.
3.Can you briefly explain the online format of Kallola 2020?
  As mentioned previously, we will be inviting scripts for films/ radio jingles from the children those attended the workshops. These scripts will be developed by the children of the registered Schools themselves under the guidance of expert resource persons & local mentors. This exercise will be done through online workshops to be held for 2 days. The best scripts will then be developed into films/ radio jingles by professional film makers and disseminated across the state to spread awareness on the subject.
4.How can we register?
  All school children falling under the categories mentioned in FAQ No.1 can directly register by clicking here. Also can register through how to participation page.

Others need not register but can submit films online like previous year. No offline submission is encouraged in order to avoid the physical contact in Covid context.
5.What is the theme this year?
  This year’s theme is ‘ COVID 19 and Children- Building back better ’.The same has been described in detail in the theme page.
6.Will there be any awards/ recognitions this year?
  There will be no award as it is not a contest this year but all the shortlisted films shall be screened during the festival in November. All the participating children & filmmakers shall be however given with a certificate of participation.
7.Is there an age limit for participation?
  As mentioned earlier, this online film festival is open to all children belonging to categories mentioned in the FAQ No.1. Others interested in participating have to be 18 years and above to submit their films. (Duration of these film have to be 30 sec or 60 sec or 90 sec.)
8.Can people from Odisha residing/ studying/ working outside Odisha participate?
  Yes they can, provided they qualify the above criteria mentioned under Q.1.
9.What is the date of the workshop?
  The workshops will be held in October & November. However the exact date of the workshop will be intimated in advance to the concerned School/Institution authority.
10.Is the online workshop open to every one?
  No, it is only open to the registered institution/Schools. Its through these online workshops that the scripts will be developed by the children, under the guidance of expert resource persons & local mentors.
11.Is there any entry fee for participation in Kollola ?
  No, there is no entry fee
12.How many films a filmmaker can submit
  Each person /group/institution/club can submit a maximum of 2 entries in any capacity/profile. Entries have to relate to the theme
13.When & where will the short films / radio jingles developed from the select scripts be screened/aired?
  During the online festival that is Scheduled from 20th Nov till 25th Nov.
14.What is the last date of submitting the entries?
  10th Nov is the last date for all filmmakers to submit the films. For online submission the film maker has to upload the film via We Transfer along with the entry form and other relevant documents as per the guideline
15.Do the film makers need to have the prior consent of the people and children whom they are filming
  Yes, you need to obtain written consent from all those being filmed as per UNICEF & NCPCR guidelines in order to avoid any future litigations. The original forms have to be attached with the film submission. Click here for obtaining the format of consent of the artists/guardian
16.Can we submit a film that has already participated/ won awards in other film contests?
  Yes, but only if you have not shared copy rights of the film with the previous organizers. Copyright of the entry submitted, music used etc should be the filmmakers responsibility. However you need to mention this in the specified space in the entry form