About Kallola

Kallola is an annual short film contest on child rights that aims to create an environment that promotes the rights and empowerment of children in the state of Odisha through thought provoking short films. The contest initiated by UNICEF, in partnership with Aaina in 2015 has completed four successful years with almost 155 nos. of films on different themes pertaining to rights of children.

KALLOLA signifies the happy sound of bird- song at dawn. In a perfect world, the synonym for the happy, joyful laughter of children. You may ask that if Human Rights belong to everyone, why we need separate rights for children. Children need special care and protection to ensure that their rights are upheld.

Every year the contest comes with a different theme that looks at ensuring rights of children. The short films received are advocacy tools that shall help create an environment that promotes the rights of children in the state. The focus of all the films is not only to highlight the issue but leave the viewers with positive action/ solution.

While in Kallola 2014-15 the theme was Violence against Children, Kallola 2016 dealt with the theme of Discrimination against girls. In 2017 theme was 'End Violence against Children …. SOCH BADLO!’(Change your attitude) and in 2018 it was WATER & CHILDREN: Safe Water: every child’s right.

This year Kallola has yet another unique theme
NUTRITION: Every child’s right for a healthy life.

A balanced diet is essential for just about everyone, young and old. However, it is especially important at certain stages of life. Care of mothers during pregnancy and lactation is important not just for her but also the baby. Nutrition is the right of every child. It is not only important for the child to survive but also thrive, grow to his/her full potential. New born, infants and young children need special care as their brains and bodies are growing and they need adequate nutrition to sustain this growth. Adolescence is another life cycle period which experiences a second growth spurt and hence has enhanced nutrition needs. When a child has access to proper nutrition, s/he has a chance to be healthy, go to school, play with friends and have a healthy childhood. We as a society and our institutions, including the government bodies, have the prime responsibility to ensure that our children enjoy their right to nutrition so as to have a healthy and productive life in future and We need to act now...

Objectives of Kallola :

  • Generating mass awareness on issues related to rights of children through this platform
  • Creating awareness on the issues among the filmmaking and creative community that can influence their own perspective and work.