About Kallola

Kallola is a platform (annual short film contest on child rights) that aims to create an environment that promotes the rights and empowerment of children in the state of Odisha through thought provoking short films. The contest initiated by UNICEF, in partnership with Aaina in 2015.It has completed three successful years with almost 100 nos of films on different themes of children issues and now into its 4th year. In this season, it once again invites creative minds from Odisha, to speak out and raise awareness on the rights of children around water through the medium of short films.

KALLOLA signifies the happy sound of bird- song at dawn. In a perfect world, the synonym for the happy, joyful laughter of children. You may ask that if Human Rights belong to everyone, why do we need separate rights for children. Children need special care and protection to ensure that their rights are upheld.

Every year the contest comes with a different theme that looks at ensuring rights of children. The short films received are advocacy tools that shall help create an environment that promotes the rights of children in the state. The focus of all the films is not only to highlight the issue but leave the viewers with positive action/ solution.

While in Kallola 2014-15 the theme was Violence against Children, Kallola 2016 dealt with the theme of Discrimination against girls.. In 2017 theme was 'End Violence against Children... SOCH BADLO!'(Change your attitude) .

This year the theme is different and unique..... WATER & CHILDREN Safe Water: every child's right

Universal access to safe drinking water is a fundamental need and human right. Securing access for all would go a long way in reducing illness and death, especially among children. Like everyone else children too have rights to access safe water and failure of the same would have adverse impact on their development and learning process. When a child has safe water, they have a chance to be healthy, go to school, play with friends and have a childhood.

Water crisis is a global concern and each one of us needs to understand our role in conserving water, ensuring its quality and improving access to safe water. We need to act now...

Objectives of Kallola :

  • Generating mass awareness on issues related to rights of children through this platform
  • Creating awareness on the issues among the filmmaking and creative community that can influence their own perspective and work.