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Accessibility: Access Coordination Cell
Access for All
Accessibility can be defined as “creating and maintaining an environment, in which people can participate in ways which are equitable, dignified, maximize independence, conserve energy, and are safe and affordable.” (Samarthyam)

Accessibility is about promoting accessible and universal design in our communities and built environments. The concept “Access for All” is about equal and barrier free access for everyone - including persons with disabilities (e.g. mobility, vision, hearing impaired), persons with temporary ailments (e.g. a broken leg), elderly people and those carrying heavy luggage.

As part of our goal to promote inclusion of PwDs, accessibility is a key focus area for aaina. We carry out the following activities:

Access Audits

Access audits were conducted in 10 districts of Odisha in its first phase and two districts from 4 zones. The districts are; Khurdha, Nayagarh, Ganjam, Kandhamal, Koraput, Sambalpur, Mayurbhanj, Dhankanal, Jajpur, Kalahandi.
In each of the districts 4 public buildings were audited: District Collectorate office, District Social Welfare Office building, District Disability Rehabilitation Centre and District Head quarter Hospital.

Download our Access Audit report here

Accessibility Workshops
In cooperation with Samarthyam and supported by VSO, we organise Accessibility Workshops for a variety of groups. The purpose is to raise awareness about Accessibility features and train people how to conduct an Access Audit. We follow up with the groups involved to see that action is taken to fix any issues and implement recommendations raised by the audit. Since March 2010, we have trained 190 people (including NGO workers, DDRC and District officials, IED coordinators, engineers from BMC, Town Planning Directorate, Works Dept and Roads & Building division.)

Accessibility Workshop Jan 2011 : Read more

Advanced Accessibility Workshop Mar 2011 –
Read more


We lobby with local Govt departments to ensure building bye laws are incorporated into local public buildings.

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