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Case Studies

Back to School Again: A Story of Hope
This story is about these three brothers from Nedimaha village of Malikapadi GP, Kandhamal who are poor orphans who live with their old grandmother

Bismita’s Story
Bismita Barik (11) is a disabled child. She is coming under CP category. She belongs to Kanapura village…

Lipi’s Story
Lipi Rout (9yrs) is a CP (cerebal palsy) girl from Kanapura village of the Kanapura Panchayat. Her father’s name is Mr. Kishore Rout…

Distribution of Tri Cycle to the PwDs by a Corporate office
Before getting the tricycle, I was not able to go to the village pond to take my bath and was also dependent on others to get my medicines…

Business Time for Allok
Allok is a 25 year old male. He says his condition started when he was 12 years old. While he was in class, he felt a slight pain in both legs and later his legs were not functioning properly.

Sanjay breaks the barriers of disability
Sanjay a man in his early thirties from an economically underprividged family resides in Siarimalia village of Kamakhyanagar.

Participants at Amo Vidyalaya set on to a new venture
Participants at Amo Vidyalaya are now involved in a new venture of making colorful paper bags.

Yagyaswori Raje enthusiastic to put her skills into practice after attending the CII course at ADAPT Mumbai
Mrs. Sneha Mishra told me about the Community Initiative in Inclusion (CII) Course when we were at one of the workshops conducted by aaina.

An implanted artificial limb helps Koili live a much dignified and confident life.
Koili Naik is a 16 year old girl studying in 12th grade at Parimala Mahavidyalaya, Kamakhya Nagar. She was born orthopedically challenged with one leg only. While growing up Kolili managed going around by hopping on her one leg without any support.

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