Observation of Global Menstrual Hygiene day 2020
  Covid Films, 2020
  Jan Sahayata Kendra, Covid-19.
  Psycho-social support
  Covid-19 Response and Action
 3rd National River Conference:
 Kallola Short Film Contest on Child Rights 2019.
 GULECHI Project
 SRHR Training program, Ganjam under “Flying Wings” Project
 Psychosocial Therapy in Barakuda, Bramhagiri.

COVID-19 Relief Response

Aaina has immediately started its response to deal with the Covid-19 crisis that has affected not just our country, but the entire world. Aaina in collaboration with WIPRO Foundation India has distributed 2150 vulnerable families, including family of Person with Disability, Widow, Ultra poor without ration card,daily wage laborer, People Leaving with HIV,pregnant and lactating mother, old age, orphan children. These families were given Survival and Hygiene Kit. The Survival kit, given to each family includes rice, wheat flour, oil, chuda, Chatua, Besan, suji, soyabean, sugar, salt, spices and Hygienic Kit which includes sanitary pad, soaps, match stick packets, facial masks. Before every distribution camp an awareness was created among people regarding hand washing procedure, dos and donts which included social distancing, wearing mask and its disposal and counseling on reducing social stigma. Following slums were provided with the kit-
  • Tarini Nagar
  • Janta Nagar
  • Mayfair Nagar
  • Neelachakra Nagar
  • Nilakantha Nagar
  • Munda Sahi,CRP
  • Birsamunda Basti
  • Sikharchandi
  • Bharatpur

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