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An Apple a Day, Made it Way!

On the occasion of Daan Utsav, aaina organized a "Gift an Apple campaign" where buyers could donate apples to become a part of the mid day meal for children in government schools. The apples add taste, nutrition and simply joy in the diet of children who may not be able to afford it otherwise. Udyan Fresh and Reliance Fresh, leading grocery store chains of Odisha partnered with aaina in this campaign by being the host grocery stores. As such people visiting any of the branches of these stores in Odisha during Daan Utsav (Oct 2- Oct 8) could donate apples towards the cause.
The campaign was advertised in advance through social media encouraging friends and family to buy apples during the period. The Campaign was launched on Oct 2 at Udyan Fresh near Pal Heights and on Oct 4 at Reliance Fresh (ID market). Members of Inner Wheel and Youth Club members joined aaina in this cause as well. Besides EC members and staff of aaina, Members of Inner Wheel club, Youth Club, Ms. Illiana Citarasti, (Celebrity), Mr. Bipin Mohanty (Volunteer Daan Utsav) were present for the launching.
People of Odisha participated by donating apples at different branches of Udyan Fresh and Reliance Fresh during the week. By the end of the campaign a total of 160 KG apples were collected in Bhubneswar. These apples were distributed among 792 children in Janta Nagar Primary School, Neela Chakra Primary School in Salia Sahi slum, Ekamra Nagar Primary school and Salia Sahi Angan Wadi in Bhubneswar. In Kandhamal 18 Kg apples were distributed among 75 children in Lengar Sahi Primary school. About 100 Kg apples were distributed amongst different children in Bhanjanagar.
The distribution was not limited to school children this year but reached diverse organizations. Besides schools and Angan Wadis, the distribution of apples took place in Chatrabatia Hospital through public collection where 85 people were distributed apples from 30 donors. At Pratibha Ashram 30 boys from the age group of 5- 13 reading in nearby primary schools were distributed apples and in Cuttack children of play school were distributed apples by Bird Organization.
Children were excited and relished the tasty and nutritious addition to their mundane meal. School authorities appreciated the initiative as well. Aaina hopes to take this campaign further by trying to make it a year round activity for few schools. However, more of planning and support from participating stores and Odisha public will be required to make Gift an Apple Campaign a year round activity.