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Pramita MSW student from Beharmpur University shares her experience as an intern at aaina.

As a student I learnt theoretical aspect of social work from college, but through my internship of 1 month at aaina, I was able to gain experience of the real work and how all have to update themselves about schemes and facilities. By participating in the program of LSIP in Phulbani, I came to know about the various schemes and projects of govt. and non govt. available for the development of poor people, children, women and person with disability. By writing the report I further developed my report writing skills. By working in Bhanjanagar I got experience of working in field which brought confidence in me as my communication and presentation skills improved.
When in field by talking to village people and school students regarding child labor, their opinion on child labor and its impact in villages, I gained more information and knowledge on the issue. I also learnt how to motivate people to participate in different activities or programs. Though I got good exposure to work in field, I may have been able to get richer experience if provided guidance by an experienced person in the field. Still, working at aaina for 1 month was an enriching experience of my life which can help me a lot in developing my career. So I am always thankful all staffs of aaina who supported me to complete my project work.
All the staff of aaina was cooperative and gave direction to my work when required. By working at aaina, I am better able to understand how work is carried out in different projects and how awareness on different issues is spread through these projects. I particularly enjoyed attending the LSIP program in Phulbani and working in field of Bhanjnagar as there I used to interact with the children and create awareness amongst them about child rights and child labor.