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LSIP (Large Scale Interactive Process)

A two day Large Scale Interactive Process (LSIP) workshop was organized by aaina for the sustainability of "Towards Inclusion" Project of aaina. More than 100 community members from Kandhamal and Boudh District and about 15 service providers from education, livelihood, health and Panchayat were present to listen to the concerns of community members and provide their feedback.
Towards Inclusion project of aaina supported by PACS with an aim livelihood of people with disability and inclusive education for children with disability is officially coming to an end in September, 2015. Through strategic implementation of the project different independent groups of Shramika Sanghas, Children Clubs, and Disabled Peoples Organization have been formed and empowered where members independently carry out the activities at their level. They have their dissatisfactions and apprehensions in many of the matters. In order to ensure sustainability and clear direction of the project, a meet was organized among stakeholders involved including community groups formed and service providers.
The Two Day workshop was designed in a way that it served as an excellent platform for different community members to gain familiarity with one another and connect with one another. They collectively thought over problems that they have been facing for past 4 years and came with strategic solutions. The participants were actively included in the sessions and passionately discussed their problems and concerns with the service providers. The service providers positively responded to many of the concerns and guided community members to take desired steps. After the workshop community members had clearer picture of alternatives in hand on how to take the project further with specific timelines. Moreover, the alternatives and solutions came from community stakeholders themselves which encourages and motivates them to carry the project ahead