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U.S. Consul and the team pay visit to aaina

Mr. Michael Mullins, U.S. Consul General and his team Mr. Peter McSharry, John Mataya, Srimali Kari & Senthil Thirupathi from the Consulate, Hyderabad visited aaina on Jan 12, 2015.
The purpose of the visit to aaina was specifically to better understand the nature and process of trafficking in Odisha. Anti trafficking has been one of the focus areas of U.S. consul. It involves networking with organizations working in the area and presents the issue at a national level. The nature and process of trafficking was discussed at length by Ms. Lalita Missal, President aaina, Ms. Sneha Mishra, Secretary aaina and other staff. Issues of marriage in the name of trafficking, lack of education and livelihood opportunities encouraging trafficking and lack of successful state initiates to minimize trafficking were brought into front. Specific queries by U.S. consul staff were answered as well.