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Gift an Apple Campaign- A 100 Kg Big Success!!!

aaina proudly participated in "Gift an Apple" Campaign during Daan Utsav from Oct 6-Oct 14 2014 where one could donate apples which will become a part of the mid- day meal for children in schools.
"Udyan Fresh" partnered to become the host market to sell apples for the occasion. By the end of the week, 100 Kg of apples had been sold for the purpose of donation!!! aaina staff distributed the respective apples in Dumduma school, Sikhar Chandi school, Govt. Project UP school in Janta Nagar and at Bal Vadi to more than 500 children. The efforts brought good health and smiles on the faces of children. Thanks to all the donors and Udyaan Fresh chain to make this campaign a success.