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Woman Headed SHG sets an Example

Different Self Help Groups under Satyabhama project of aaina are proving their capacities and are on the verge of independence. One of the standing examples is of a Self Helf Group in Urbengi village of Kankada Hada block. The SHG of 10 people with disability is led by a 45 year orthopedically challenged woman. From the nearby jungles, the SHG group discovered their source of living. The group makes foot mats from peculiar leaves grown in nearby forests. The mats made by woven leaves are sold at about Rs 100 each. The mats are reasonably durable and are used by the local people. The group is able to make Rs. 6000 to 7000 per month. The next step for aaina now is to tie up the SHG with government to assure a market for such groups. A talk with BDO of the area has already begun.