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Water for all!

Aaina with the support of Save the Children is into developing an accessible drinking water facility. The facility is for three villages of Chikiti Block namely Patisunaa Pur, Anantna Raipur and Ramiapatra serving about 600 households. The platform has been raised to a level taking into consideration the flood condones prevailing in the geographic area. It is developed over existing tube well in the village. The raised platform has an accessible ramp and other universal design features so that none is left to reach to it. Special architects and engineers are involved in the venture. However, the skills of construction and ownership are transferred to community people. A Water Use Group consisting of community people has been formed who shall be responsible for maintained and monitoring of the water faculty. Moreover, the facility is designed in a way that one-fourth of the water pumped out each time goes to a separate tank that has an outlet at the base of the structure. This water can be used by people not able to access it from the main source. These people may be people with disability, old age people, children or anyone not able to reach the source at that time. The work started in May 2014 and is targeted to be completed by June end.