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Menstrual Health Management of Adolescent Girls and Women.

aaina progresses in its MHM project of improving health and well being of adolescent girls and women through better menstrual hygienic practices, particularly use of hygienic low cost sanitary napkins. Twenty two focused group discussions were held attended by above 600 adolescent girls along with Anganwadi Workers, ANM and Health workers of the respective village in the last quarter. Participants shared regarding the health and hygiene measures taken during menstruation and it was noticed that above 90% of the women and adolescent girls are using cotton clothes during menstruation without proper sanitation and maximum adolescent girls are not attending the school during menstruation period. In response to Phailin, besides relief work, an immediate need of sanitation was felt and sanitation campaign was organised starting in Ignathi GP of Belaguntha Block. The progress of the sanitation campaign is tracked every month in the review meetings. Wherever necessary sanitation work shall be carried out by the relief committee or by the WSHG members and members of Kishori Mandal. A two capacity building training on MHM was organised in December for adolescent girls and WHSG where 68 participants attended the training. The objective was to enhance knowledge regarding hygiene and sanitation related to menstruation and to prepare a group of potential members to work and to advocate on this issue. There was detailed discussion on the bodily changes of adolescent girls and women during menstruation and the factors that play a role in that. Mrs. Sneha Mishra, secretary aaina brought forward different social taboos for females attached to menstruation. Balika Mandal was given the responsibility to change the scenario. Roles and responsibility of Kishori Mandal were also discussed in detail. By the end of the workshop, all the participants prepared a road map for next one year and how the project will be successful in the project area