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aaina took initiative to organize State level consultancy on Draft of CBR Mission

Ist CBR World Congress global meet was held in Agra in November 2012 with an intention to have a common understanding of CBR and its future direction, documentation of CBR good practices in respect of mainstreaming disability in development and realizing CRPD, and increased multi-sectoral involvement in CBR. It was decided to take CBR as a mission afterwards by Govt of India. National CBR draft consultancy was held in Bangalore in May,2013 by CBM Saro and attended by aaina took the initiative to organize state level consultancy of Draft 3 of CBR mission on June 1, 2013 in Odisha Ms. Poonam Natrajan, chairperson National Trust, facilitated the consultation participants from diverse backgrounds such as NGO authorities, human rights advocates, PWDS were present at the consultation and gave their input. The whole draft was read through and suggestions were made by the participants in structure and text of CBR mission keeping in mind the good practices of CBR.