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International Women's Day 2011

This year marked the 100th International Women's Day, on 8th March 2011. To honour this important centenary, we celebrated across many of our projects. For example in G. Udayagiri approximately 100 women turned out for a lively rally through the city. This was followed by a meeting amongst the Govt. officials, teachers and women leaders present, to discuss various issues affecting women.

At the Amo Vidyalaya school, the day was marked with a special visit from women from a local corporation. Bharti Infratel Limited, a large Telecom Infrastructure company with offices in Bhubaneswar, had generously involved us in their recent CSR Activity to donate well-needed resources to the school including sports equipment, maps, classroom charts, a world globe, pens etc. On Women's Day, eleven of the female staff from various departments visited the school to give the new supplies to the school and to meet the students. They had the chance to see the students from the vocational unit at work and the students performed song and dance for the group.

It was an enjoyable day for both the students and teachers who will make great use of the new donations, and also for the women, who had the chance to meet the students and see where their donations are going. For many of them, this was an entirely new experience far removed from their daily work in the corporate sector, so it was an opportunity to raise awareness about children with disabilities and aainas work in the community.