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Amo Vidyalaya takes a step towards sustainability

Sales of more than Rs 25000 generated through the sale of Amo Vidyalaya products during the Diwali season, and wide networks built during the process, bring hope of sustainability for Amo Vidyalaya. A stall of Amo Vidyalaya products was put at Forum Mart Bhubaneswar from November 5 to November 13, 2012. With focus on Diwali, the products included colourful and vibrant candles, painted fancy diyas and handmade paper bags. The staff were enthusiastic and eager to sell the products made b y the skilled workers of Amo Vidyalaya. The stall attracted a wide range of customers and sale of more than Rs.25000 was generated. This event not only led to one time financial gain but it also increased the knowhow of the staff on marketing strategies. Moreover, Amo Vidyayalaya built networks with customers for future sales and events. An order of 500 paper bags and 50 handbags was received at the event. To meet the increased demands of these products more members are being trained. After the fruitful results of the candle making workshop conducted at Amo Vidyalaya, aaina, conducted a candle making workshop work shop in Kamkhyanagar as well.