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Street play and art competition on world day against child labour became two major mediums to create awareness about child labor.

Visual art in the form of street play and drawing became the key actions by the children under Midanga project to spread the awareness about child labor. The message was well understood and appreciated by the community and villagers belonging from diverse literacy levels. Enthusiastic children and members from the children's club of jhimangia organized a street play on the issue of child labor. The children performed for six days (May 10 to May 15, 2912) covering six villages. They devoted their full attention towards the play as they were having their summer vacation during the period. Children had dedicated six days of hard work in the planning and orientation of the play. The script was also prepared by the members of the children's club. The community members enjoyed the play & encouraged the children and the staff of the organization working on the rights of children. Another initiative was the celebration of world day against child labor on June 6, 2012. in G. Udayagiri. Fifty children from different schools attended the event. At 8 am a rally went around the town holding banner and placards of anti child labor day. A drawing competition was also held amongst the children on the theme of child labor. About 30 children participated in the competition. Mr. Kishore Pradhan from aaina formally welcomed the guests. The CRCC of Malikapodi Mr. Surya Narayan Acharya & W.E.O attended the program as guests. After the drawing competition the guests gave their speech. They discussed the main causes of child labor and the responsible elements for child labor. They also discussed the legal consequences of child labor and its eradication. The guests appreciated the children for their paintings. Prizes were given to the first three winners of the painting completion.(spell chk) The events were received well by the audience and it was very encouraging for the children to plan similar events in future on different themes.