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International Day of People with Disabilities

Aaina observed International Day for Persons with Disabilities on 3rd December towards creating awareness about the rights of people with disabilities through a human chain in front of a popular Mall Big Bazaar in the city. Children, parents, people passing there by, volunteers, Aaina staffs and well wishers participated in the human chain. Through the Human chain we spread messages on their rights and abilities and the importance of the day. Later 35 children and their parents also participated in games organized by Aaina at Patia state learning center.

The special attraction of the day was being at Kalinga Stadium to watch the Men's Hockey World Cup by the children with disabilities, their parents and ofcourse the ever enthusiast staff of Aaina. "My heart also beats for hockey" was the caption and children thoroughly enjoyed the game and shared happy time with "Olly" the mascot of the game. The Sports authority were informed about the participation of the children and people with disabilities and special attention was given by them to take care of the challenges.