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Physically abused, economically underprivileged, and socially outcast female of Ganjam finds away to independence and dignity

A thirty eight year old female Rani Bisoy from Ganjam district finally lives an independent life after ten years of constant physical abuse in her married life. She belonged to a backward class and lived in a below poverty line family in a small village of Ganjam district of south west Odisha. Majority of the people of the village were farmers and depended on farming to fulfill their basic needs. The only earning member of Rani's family was her mother who worked as a daily labor in an agricultural land. The family survived on bare income of Rs 80 per day on an occasional basis. The poor living conditions made the marriage of Rani a worrying issue as the family did not have enough to pay dowry for the marriage and find a suitable groom. When Rani was 28 years old, one of her relatives gave her family a proposal of marriage to someone who stayed at Surat, Gujurat. Without further proper enquiry Rani was influenced and went with this relative. However, after the marriage she found herself in a pathetic situation. She was physically tortured by her husband and other family members. Being in an unknown land ,miles away from her native place, she was unable to take help of other people in the village. Rani suffered for almost ten years when finally the people of her native village helped her to escape and return to her native village in Ganjam.The villagers then contacted the Anti-trafficking team at Ganjam for help. The villagers were hesitant to describe in detail the kinds of abuses Rani had to go through but the Anti trafficking team decided to take action to help Rani after listening to the deplorable history of Rani. They provided her two goats in March 2012 to start goat farming for her future earnings.(income) This boosted her morale and she gained confidence to lead a secured life. Currently, she works as a daily laborer in an agricultural land as well. She lives independently about 10 km away from Ganjam. She is self sufficient and hopes to live a more dignified life as her goat farming business expands. (The name of the beneficiary and village have been changed due to best interest of the beneficiary)