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I can support my family better

Saraswati Nayak of Belapunji village, Bhanjanagar district was living under poor circumstances both economically and socially. She is from Schedule Caste community as well. Both husband and wife are daily laborers and barely managed to run the family. They have no land and depend upon share crops. Saraswati is one of the members of the village SHG contributing Rs20 per month which was also not able to support her family at the time of need.
In June 2018 Mr. Tukuna, from Aaina met Saraswati at Block Coordinator meet. At the meet he discussed regarding SEWA union and she was motivated to become become the member. Afterwards she convinced other vulnerable women in her village to become SEWA member. In August Mr. Tukuna discussed with SEWA members regarding goat rearing. Initially Saraswati denied to take the initiative due to her poor economic condition. Later with support of her husband she agreed and borrowed Rs 10,000 from SHG and relatives. She bought 4 goats with prior consultation from Aaina staff. Mr.Tukuna and Mr. .Biswaanth provided her the technical support regarding medication and feeding required for goat rearing. In October one goat gave birth to 2 kids which was very good news for the family because after 6 month they will sell this goat and pay back the loan and also use the profit for the education of their child. Saraswati explains that she appreciates Aaina staffs' efforts. Through proper training and advice she now knows rearing goat in a healthy manner which will help her in the long run.