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Pre decision and pre departure training

Aaina in support with GAATW organized training for potential adolescent female migrants. The objective of the training was to sensitize and empower the identified potential adolescent girls who have decided to migrate to make informed decisions regarding migration and how to migrate safely for domestic work in and outside the state. The training also targeted domestic workers who had already worked in different parts of the country.
Key guidelines with respect to domestic work as formalized sector and safety measures included identity and economic contributor as a woman domestic worker, right to safety, preparatory steps for migration, preventing traps to fall into, security of money, and taking care of health.
A role play was conducted reflecting gender discrimination, of girls and women at work place and at their respective houses. The participants were informed about International Labour Organization (ILO) Domestic Workers Convention No.189 and what are the On second day adolescent girls were educated on health and well being with focus on menstrual health and hygiene and the biological changes during this period. The biological changes during this period. Registration of migrants in the Gram Panchayat and also register themselves as a union members was discussed as vital for keeping track of migrating workers and self governance.