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Gram panchayat development plan for the elected PRI members

State Institute of Rural Development has appointed Aaina to provide Gram Panchayat Development Plan for the elected PRI members/ (prime village level leaders) in the district of Kandhamal in 3 blocks-Khajuripada, Phulbani and G.Udayagiri. The first field level training program of PRI members was started in the month of August-2017 and completed all the training of PRI members by the end of March 2018 with 12 batches.
The training was to capacitate Sarapanch, Panchayat Samiti members and all the word members of the respective blocks through orientation on current government schemes for the underprivileged and the function of Grampanchayat, on conducting Gram Sabha, Palli Sabha, 14th finance commission, different statutory committee of the Panchayat and the roles and responsibility for the elected PRI members how to make their respective Gram Panchayat as a model one.
In this training program 30 Sarapanch, 24 Panchayat Samiti members and 376 word members attended the program. One special capacity building training program for the women Sarapanch was also held where 35 women sarapanch from Kandhamal district attended the program.
At the end of the 3rd day participation certificate was provided to all the PRI members including Books on different schemes and facility provided by the SIRD-PR department. As per the written feedback received from the participants this 3 days training was very informative and essential for the elected PRI members to understand the different schemes for specific category of people and the roles and responsibilities of different governing bodies and committees at different levels.