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Children up and about at State Learning Center leaving disabilities behind

Three children got assistive devices to improve their functionality and mobility. Two rollators and 1 wheel chair was provided to children . Rollators have resulted independence of children along with improved mobility. Now they do not need to take assistance of their family members to walk. A child who would hesitate to get up from the place now spends at least an hour walking in the house using rollator. His family members are also motivated and can spend time in other activities.
An outing program for 14 children along with their parents was also organized on March 9 to "Nanadan Kanan", Zoological Park. It was an enriching experience for children. They were exposed to nature, feel the structures in the park, and enjoyed in the swings. Children who could see or partially had close view of different animals. Being from poor families, where parents have hardly any time left from their mundane and livelihood activities, the outing was a first time experience for many of the children as well as parents.
Above all the exposure visit was a realization by the parents to understand the importance of participation of their children in experiencing nature for their social development and happiness, and the need of such repeated outings .