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Deaf blind children visit an Amusement park

Aaina with the support of Sent International India, organized an outing for visually and Hearing impaired and children with multi sensory impairment on 24th March 2017 at Nicco park, an Amusement Park in Bhubaneswar. Different group games, water ride, toy train, swings, boating accompanied the day long activities where children also learnt helping and sharing. The joy and fascination among children could be observed as they experienced the surroundings by touching different shapes, sizes and textures such as rocks, local plants and swings, and by feeling water while boating. These 5 hours of experience turned out to be a great getaway for parents as well who hardly get a chance to find time from their mundane schedule. They realized the importance of such outings for their children who may not be able to see or hear but equally enjoy and appreciate the surroundings just like any other children.