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Sweety towards independent living through Sign Language and Physiotherapy!

Sweety is a 12 year old girl with Multiple Sensory Impairment (Hearing impairment and loco motor). Before joining the programme with Aaina she entirely depending on her mother for activities of daily living (ADL) Aaina staff has been working with her for almost a year now. With practice she has learnt signs for activities such as eating and toileting. Moreover therapy has helped her in speaking some words though more clarity needs to be developed. For communication she mostly uses body language and gestures. She follows instructions given to her through sign language, speech and real objects shown to her. Bathing and grooming herself are few of her favourite activities. Her parents are also encouraging. A bit more support of parents towards her in performing ADL can help Sweety improve faster. Sweety's parents are really happy for her development. Mother shares, "Sweety can do her daily activities with minimum support". Parents are involved in goal setting and in Individual Education Plan as well.
Her mother wants Sweety to stand and walk independently. In next 3 months she will develop motor skills to independently do activities such as brushing teeth, eating and bathing. She will further develop her communication skills through sign language and verbally to better express her needs. Sweet's mother has played a critical role in her progress Apart from that follow up has been done by aaina for provision of Ration card, disability pension and Banisher Scholarship