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EC Members Welcome Hilde Marbus Program Officer CORDAID, Netherland March 20 -21

Ms. Hilde Marbus, Program Officer, CORDAID visited aaina head office on March 20 and the field on March 21, 2012. One of the major objectives of the visit was to review the programs being funded by CORDAID. Ms. Hilde visited aaina head office on 20th March, 2012. She was welcomed by the aaina staff and the EC members. Mr. Samir Ghosh, UN consultant and Mr. R.K. Surdev, CORDAID consultant had kindly agreed to come and present on related topics for the occasion. Ms. Sneha Mishra, secretary aaina gave a formal welcome which was followed by self introduction by all the present staff and EC members. Mr. Samir Ghosh shared with all the EC members and Ms. Hilde the report of the OD of aaina conducted in two phases. It was an elaborate and detailed report reflecting aaina staff's professional learning and development through the training & aaina's perceived working and performance by staff under different heads such as "learning organization", "leadership and assertiveness", "motivation", "professional training and development". This part of the report was based upon the questionnaires filled out by aaina's staff including the field staff throughout the training session. The report reflected detailed information on aaina's strengths and weaknesses and highlighted the vital points where aaina's staff needs to work upon more stringently. The efforts of Mr. Samir Ghosh in developing the report were appreciated by the President and Secretary of aaina and they assured to take the recommended steps. Aaina's initiative to get an OD conducted was appreciated by Mr. Samir Ghosh and Ms. Hilde. Ms. Hilde visited the field programs in Dhenkanal on March 21 along with few aaina staff. There was a visit to Resource Center where Ms. Hilde interacted with program managers and children in the resource center. Children performed dance and presented a gift to Ms. Hilde prepared by them. Ms. Hilde also paid home visit to meet the family of a four year girl with CP and family of a nine year old girl with severe back problem. She visited children's club and met the Block Development Officer to get an overall view of the projects. Her another visit was to Sanjay's household. He had received micro planning and livelihood training conducted by Mr. Samir Ghosh and organized by aaina. Now Sanjay, though physically challenged, has started his own puffed rice (mudi) factory in the household and is taking financial care of the family. Ms. Hilde was happy to learn about many of the projects and appreciated the way projects were being conducted