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Aaina selected as one of the 20 NGOs in India for online fundraising

Aaina has been a partner of Global Giving (online fundraising platform) for more than 2 years and due to Aaina's efficient partnership with Global Giving, Aaina was selected among 19 other NGOs to participate in a online fundraising competition during Daan Utsav(Oct 2-Oct 8, 2016). Impact Guru partnered with Global Giving to provide this platform and be the host site for selected NGOs in India. Aaina had dedicated this fundraiser for most vulnerable children in Aaina's project area. Aaina also hired a campaigner, Ms. Deepa Gupta from Delhi who was a passionate and a dedicated campaigner.
By the end of the competition Aaina could raise 137500 and was number 4 in position. Most of the donations were from friends and associations of the employees of Aaina and the campaigner. Impact Guru staff had also provided useful tips to raise funds online through webinar. Though the competition is over, the campaign has been extended until Nov5, 2016. Aaina looks forward for more opportunities like these to carry out the activities more effectively and efficiently.