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A 2 day training for care givers of Deafblind children

A two day training for the care givers of deafblind children was organized by Sense International in Ahemdabad in the month of July. Major objectives of the training were:
  • To understand the children and their need through their subtle communication responses
  • To learn fingers spelling and basic sign language
  • To enhance care givers' skills for supporting ADL (activities for daily living) Carrying and positioning of children
  • Understanding Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection policy

Ms. Gayatri Bisoi from Aaina went along with the parents of the deaf blind children for the training. The training was conducted using a participatory approach, case study analysis presentations and group activities. Physiotherapy skills transfer to the parents was one of the major activates of the training. Dr. MB Chhetri gave demonstration of the same. A detailed demonstration was also given on how to carry and positioning of children, Feeling of isolation among deaf blind children is ambitious. As such value of emotional support by caregivers to the children was discussed. Deaf blind children tend to refrain from physical mobility affecting their hygiene. As such, information on how to maintain hygiene, routine health checkups and skin care was provided to care givers.
The training hopefully will help parents to develop a better communication process with their children. After the workshop many parents felt more confident and better informed in handling children.