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Resource Center in Bhanjanagar for deaf blind Children gives them exposure to learn and grow.

Aaina is specifically working for deafblind children since 2015 as they remain marginalized and invisible in society deprived of their basic development needs. In support with Sense International the project aims to extend support for the education of children with deafblindness and multiple disabilities keeping inclusion in mind.
A resource center for the children was established in Bhanjanagar, Ganjam. Parents of the children are informed about deafblindness and different schemes that are available for development of children. Five children are currently visiting the center with their parents. Individual time table for each child is prepared according to their Individual Plan. Children are involved in different daily living activities such as brushing teeth, grooming, eating etc. The activities provide sensory input skills, induces motor development and cognitive development. Besides, the children get an opportunity to come out of their home boundaries and communicate with other children. The visit gives children break from monotonous routine with very little participation in social activities.