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Inclusive Education project of Aaina makes Aaina a Superstar at Global Giving

We are pleased to share that Aaina was recently promoted to a Super Star position at Global Giving, an online project based fundraising platform). Aaina has been GG member for more than a year for its project on inclusive education, "Send 1000 children with Disability to school."
A monitoring team from Global Giving visited Aaina and was very pleased to witness the project progress and the changes in the lives of children going to school and community have been created.. In their feed back visitors specified Aaina staff as "Inspirational, passionate and humble. They appreciated the different Sustainable Self-help groups in various districts facilitated by Adina. The visitors specifically were happy to witness the way Aaina staff has identified the needs of the children and encouraged their participation to improve the programs. They quoted, Glad to see how AAINA has empowered people from the community to be drivers of change. They have provided a platform to the most disadvantaged section of the society.
It is always inspiring when the hard work is recognized and appreciated. This promotion gives us encouragement to move towards our goal with more conviction.