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Food Processing Training using locally grown fruits to women union members at G Udayagiri

In June Aaina organized a food processing training in Udyagiri block of Kandhamal to train core staff of Aaina and members of established women union. The skills gained add to the livelihood opportunity for the women. The trainers, community leader from Aaina and SFDC staff, had previously received the training from Kerala.
It is recognized that plenty of Jackfruit is available at local level but is not being utilized to its full potential. As such members at Udayagiri were trained on processing of seasonal fruits such as mango and jackfruit which can be consumed in the long run as well. It was a 2 day camp. They was taught how to make Papad and jelly from Jackfruit. Raw jackfruit was used to make papad and ripe jackfruit was used to make jelly. The skills gained from the training will be shared with other community members as well.