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Aaina Embraces Inclusion through Sign Language at Raahgiri

Raahgiri took off in Bhubneswar on January 17 on a Sunday morning (6:00 a.m. to 09: 00 a.m.) and has continued on every Sunday since then. A stretch at Janpath restricts motor vehicles to give way to diverse activities from cycle rallies to yoga sessions to music orchestra to story telling for children. Visitors from all ages and background visit enthusiastically to participate and browse through the activities.
aaina embraced the opportunity to promote inclusion and teach basic sign language to visitors at Raahgiri. The main objective was to create awareness among general mass regarding disability issues and also widening up the scope of sign language. People from all ages gathered in huge numbers to experience the unique art of sign language communication. Many government officials like Mr.Ananta Narayan Jena (Mayor, BMC), Mr R.K.Sharma (Director, VRCH) , Ms. Archita Mohanty, a renowned Odiya telefilm actress, Dr. Prasanna Kumar Patasani (Member of Parliament )were amongst the visiting crowd. Nonetheless, youth and children have remained special visitors so far. Children are extremely enthusiastic to learn this new language moving their little hands ambitiously. Children standing in front of the Sign Chart and trying to practice alphabets on their own has become a typical scene.
It has been 10 weeks now but the footfall and interests to know the sign language has only increased. Visitors are enquiring on learning it further. Children want it to be a part of their school activity as well! Seeing the interest, Aaina plans to get involved in teaching sign language in a more structured way by partnering with professionals.