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Amo Vidyalaya adds diversity and value to its products through Candle Making

aaina organized a five day candle making workshop in the month of May at Amo Vidyalaya. Ms. Sneha Mishra, secretary aaina had a detailed conversation with the trainer Mr. Susant Bhagat an art teacher regarding the process of training, resources required and prospects of participants after the training. .

Thirty Eight participants attended the workshop along with aaina staff. The course began with the making of simple candles and moved to more complicated ones towards the end. The process of candle making was explained well and all the participants got an opportunity of hands on practice. They were enthusiastically engaged in the procedure of melting, coloring and shaping wax to form different types of candles.

By the end of the workshop, participants had learnt eight different types of candles which included ros´┐Ż candle, ice candle, rock candle, diya candle etc. The trainer understood the ability potential of all the participants and was very cooperative and patient with the participants throughout the process(workshop). Differently abled participants could be involved in various ways in the course of action of candle making that gave them true joy and satisfaction.

Along with adding diversity to the Amo Vidyalaya products, the idea was to explore the market potential of the candles made by the participants where profits can serve as development of the participants and Amo Vidyalaya. Participants have been continuously making candles after the workshop and special attention is being paid to quality check and specific demands of people. Few of the orders have already been place. Moreover, the potential for overseas sale is also being explored. The idea is to increase the production slowly where the revenues could be utilized towards the growth of participants and sustainability of the candle making project