Launch of Ama Anubhuti- Annuak News Letter
 Pre decision and pre departure training
 International domestic workers day
 15 children with disabilities get academic support through Bridge Centers
 Round-table discussion on appropriate disposal technique of menstrual waste
 International Women’s Day
 Women and girls at the pre-migration and pre-decision making stage at Ganjam linked with alternatives at source
 Gram panchayat development plan for the elected PRI members
 Children up and about at State Learning Center leaving disabilities behind
 PC & PNDT Project

Black to Well Read Shortlisted among top 60

Access to reproductive health care by women lags behind but situation is worse when it comes to girls and women with disabilities. Family itself considers unnecessary to educate their daughters about menstrual health and hygiene. Aaina has developed a tactile reproductive model using economic resources to educate adolescent girls with visual impairment on menstrual process and hygiene. Aaina visited Odisha association for the blind to educate adolescent girls on the subject using the model. A short film on the same was made. The movie was submitted for the competition followed by the proposal. Aaina’s documentary has been shortlisted among top 60 from 11500 videos. The proposal to further the efforts at a wider scale was submitted as well and we for the best. Click here to view the movie

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