International Women’s Day
 Women and girls at the pre-migration and pre-decision making stage at Ganjam linked with alternatives at source
 Gram panchayat development plan for the elected PRI members
 Children up and about at State Learning Center leaving disabilities behind
 PC & PNDT Project
 Ashish rising from the barriers
 International Migrants Day
 Eventful and productive year end for children at Kamkhyanagar
 Children rejoice on International Day for people with disabilities
 Kallola- Award Ceremony

Support our mothers' Day Campaign NOW

Dear Friends,
We are delighted to share that Aaina's new project on supporting 60 most vulnerable children is uploaded and participating for Mother”s Day Campaign!!!
Our new project is providing academic support to the children through bridge centers so that the children enrolled continue their studies. 5 bridge centers have been established where the most vulnerable children are being provided extra academic support so that they don't drop out from school.
On the occasion of Mother's Day Campaign May 1 to May 13, we need your support to run the centers.
Nothing makes a mom more proud than seeing her kid with disabilities grow, develop and be included.

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