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Ashish rising from the barriers

Ashish a 7 year old boy from a nearby slum has been visiting State Learning centre for 5 months. He lives with his parents and sister. He has multiple sensory impairment and visits canter for therapy and learning activities of daily living (ADL). Before joining the program Ashish was totally depending on his mother for ADL activities and his mobility. His regular attendance and physiotherapy has improved his mobility significantly. He can sit at a stretch for 30 minutes for doing some activities and walks about 20 steps with the support of walker. He likes to go outside and walk in park.
For communication he uses body language. Ashish’s parents are very helpful and motivated as well. They visit the censer regularly. His mother states “Dipu is enjoying whole day in the classroom.” Parents are involved in goal setting and in his education plan. His mother wants him to walk and sit independently.
In next 3 months, Ashish should be brushing teeth and eat food through little wrist support and verbal support through involvement of his mother, teacher and special educator.

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