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Working With Disability :: Amo Vidyalaya
AMO VIDYALAYA: The Integrated Special School founded in 1999

About the school: Amo Vidyalaya, an integrated special school was setup at Barang in the year 1999. An incidental survey following the Super Cyclone of ‘99 revealed that this area had high incidence of disability of different types which was entirely unaddressed. From here began the journey of Amo Vidyalaya.

The school started with 12 students from nearby villages. Over the years with the active involvement of the community more children joined the school, now with over 60 students. The school is almost singularly supported by the organisation.

The school was run in the centre of the village in a rented house, but has since moved to the premises of the VTC through the active support of the then Director of Social Welfare, Dept. of W & CD, Govt. of Odisha. At present there are 43 students attending school on a regular basis. The children come from dispersed villages, which makes traveling to school a challenge.

The school is deliberately run as a day school in the heart of the community to create an ownership and belongingness for the children and community people. The school is also integrated meaning that children with different disabilities are accepted and included as students in the school. Creative Arts is the dominant teaching medium used with the children. The community is very involved in the activities of the school.

Towards Inclusion: Besides the regular education provided to the children, we also take steps towards their inclusion in general schools. For children who are beyond the academics or school going stage, inclusion is still carried through different social processes.

The Vocational Unit (“Prachi”): The uniqueness about the vocational unit in Amo Vidyalaya is that, along with the children, the parents also receive training in different trades and participate in product making. Our training professional gives training to the students in:
      Incense stick making
      Doormat making
      Appliqué work
      Paper bag making

To promote the products made in the vocational unit regular stalls are put up at different exhibitions and events. Some of the major events where the exhibits were for sale are Balliyatra at Cuttack, Samarthya at Bhubaneswar, Beach festival at Gopalpur and National Changemakers Assembly at Bhubaneswar, Ekamra Haat, Bhubaneswar, Delhihaat through Arunim.

Community Activities:

The school organises many community activities. The staff and volunteers implement the following activities in all target villages:
    Parents counseling to encourage them to send their children to school regularly
    Training parents to take care of the children and to provide them the basic physiotherapy and ADL practice
    Informing about parents meetings, school festivals, sports, annual function and another activities
    SHG meeting

Competitions: Children from Amo Vidyalaya also participate in various talent shows and competitive events.

When it comes to celebration and festivities Amo Vidyalaya is always in the lead. Both the national days and cultural days are celebrated with gusto. These occasions are used as a platform to promote inclusion. Visit our Photo Gallery to see photos from International Women’s Day and Saraswati Puja 2011. World Disability Day is celebrated at Amo Vidyalaya, promoting the potential of children with disability, their recognition and acceptance in mainstream society.

Observation of Annual Sports Day and Annual Event: The Annual sports day of Amo Vidyalaya invites children from nearby mainstream schools to also participate in the competitions, promoting inclusion and community spirit. The Annual Event of Amo Vidyalaya is a big date in everyone’s calendar in the locality. For the children it is the best time of their school days. Watch videos from last year’s Annual Function.


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