Case Studies

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Case Studies

Back to School Again: A Story of Hope

There is a belief that God has created us and he has planned something for each one of us. This saying probably would not have been believed so strongly if Sumanta, Srimanta and Samanta the three brothers didnít have the chance to rejoin the school again after a long absence. This story is about these three brothers from Nedimaha village of Malikapadi GP, Kandhamal who are poor orphans who live with their old grandmother, the only bread winner for their family. Four years ago they lost their father and their mother passed away last year. They have one uncle staying in nearby town G.udayagiri who helps them whenever he can, but it was not enough for them. They were totally helpless, passing their nights with a half empty stomach.
One day their fate changed when they met with the staff of . Srimanti told them about their situation. Their grandmother was also very worried about the future of these children. By fortune Mr. Purusottam Singh Thakur, who was supposed to be the consultant to document the case history of excluded children at Kandhamal district met with those children during field visit. A ray of hope shone in their eyes when he proposed to send these children to KISS for education and better future. The children were also excited to live a better life and study further. With active support of Mr. Thakur and the three brothers got enrolled in KISS, Bhubaneswar and joined in 4th, 5th & 6th class respectively as per their age. Now they will receive an institutional education as well as vocational training to help them develop and succeed in life. Instead of spending their life in darkness now their future is bright.

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