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Research Study

In 2004 the National Conference on Women with Difference was followed by a Status Study of Women with Disability - A major research work undertaken by Mrs. Sneha Mishra on behalf of NAWO, Orissa Chapter that intended to come out with a status paper on women in Orissa.

The entire process of the research work took around 8 months for completion. The study targeted women in the age group of 16-60 in eight districts of the state, covering social, political, economic and psychological aspects. The report authenticated the marginalization and extreme vulnerability of women with disability in the society. Download the report here

Formation of Associations of Women with Disabilities & Capacity Building
Since 2004 we have been involved in mainstreaming women with disabilities and addressing the double disadvantage faced by women with disabilities, in 10 blocks of Ganjam.

Awareness and Sensitization

Special attention is needed for awareness as one has to present the heightened vulnerability and marginalized state of being disabled and a woman. Sensitization of families of disabled girls is essential, in order for them to realise that if provided with the right intervention at an early stage, a disabled girl will be a more independent individual and a support to the family.

Exclusive women oriented meets were conducted to raise awareness among the village women on women’s health and hygiene. The criticality of such knowledge and practice with the women with disability was also stressed.

The need for physical rehabilitation and education of girl child with disability was also shared with family members, teachers, community leaders, CBOs and neighborhood families.

PRIs were made aware of the needs for an empowered women’s group that included the women with disability. Consequently they agreed to apportion a certain part of the facilities and provisions made by the Government for the women with disability.

Formation of SHGs 

Demand for your right and establish your worth - this was the message passed to the women with disability in the region. United you can stand for your rights and also create work opportunity and financial independence. This motivated the women with disability to form SHGs in the villages.

A monthly saving habit was created with the SHGs and processes were on to credit link them with financial Institutions.

In Solidarity
International Women’s Day and World Disability Day are celebrated with the women from the village, promoting the issues concerning the women and disability. Read about International Women’s Day 2011

Linking with other women’s networks

NAWO (National Alliance of Women Organisation), We Can

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