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Humanitarian Response

In response to the devastation and loss of livelihood for thousands due to Phailin, aaina with the support of Save the children started a rehabilitation project “Humanitarian response to cyclone Phailin and subsequent floods”. The project is in Chikiti block of Ganjam district, one of the worse affected areas due to post Phalin floods, covering 11 villages. The overall objective is to provide rehabilitation facilities to children and community people of the cyclone affected area.
A major intervention in this process is the “Cash for Work” activity. The activity involves local community people to work towards the renewal of the floods affected area and get cash for their work in response. The work involves renovation of roads, ponds renovation, wells renovation, field preparation for plantation, soil bonding to prevent sea water to enter agricultural field and converting footpaths into wide mud roads. This activity not only leads to the renewal of the Phailin affected area but proves to be a source of livelihood for the most disadvantaged community people. Moreover Rs. 7500 each has been provided to 100 most marginalized including people with disability, women headed family, widows etc. people of the community that has significantly contributed towards improving their financial stability.

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