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International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women

International Day to Eliminate Violence against Women was observed jointly by aaina and NAWO on November 25, 2013 by organizing a scooter rally from Vani Vihar to Master canteen chawk where youth from different colleges and institutions along with representatives from different organizations joined. The rally was flagged off by Mrs. Arti Ahuja, Commissioner cum Secretary, W & CD Dept. with about 50 bikes and 150 people in total gathered at Vani Vihar petrol pump to start the rally. All the people with energy and vigor shouted the slogans for justice and to stop all forms of violence against women. The slogans were in Hindi, English and Oriya. An auto with a loud speaker was accompanied throughout the rally. A stream of bikes with people in black and white T-shirts with a message “U & ME together can stop violence against women.” shouting for justice spread the message across public by getting the attention they intended. The vibrant rally stopped at Master Canteen about 3KM from the starting point, and the participants gathered for a formal meet. Ms. Bisakha Bhanja, Mrs. Sneha Mishra, Secretary aaina, Ms. Lalita Missal, NAWO were the key speakers at the assembly. They all spoke about the non acceptance of violence against women and the need of change in the system and attitude to attain the same. Youth from different colleges did not stay back either and talked about the safety of girls on street and at all public places. The event ended with a thank you note from Ms. Pragnya Bastia, NAWO. The event revived the gravity to act towards justice for women.

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