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Padmini Sahoo from Kamakhyanagar renowned in International Womenís Day for her awarding initiatives

Padmini Sahoo 24 years old woman, a daughter of Fagu Sahoo and Budhi Sahoo village Chasapada, Dhenkanal was born on the day of PAHLIRAJA, (A famous rural festival, Odisha..

Padmini is an orthopedically disable women. In her childhood, she was attacked by polio . Nevertheless, Padminiís parents never lost hope and encouraged Padmini as well to fight against the circumstances. She continued her life and studies normally. After her graduation Padmini joined a computer vocational unit at Kamakhya nagar which is run by an NGO, A I R A . At that place, she also met her life partner Nakul Barik a staff of that organization.

Padmini joined aaina organization in 2011. She started a group with all disabled people for their social and financial benefit. She realized that people with disability were not getting sufficient facilities to lead an independent life. She fought tirelessly for the rights of disable person at the governmental level She helped many rural women with disability in getting their Disability Certificate and receive Cards for rationed food.

Today, Padmini helps her husband in local business. Moreover, she plans to start a badi and papad business with her group. Padmini set an example not only for her village but women from nearly 100 villages around were influenced by Padminiís actions. Under her direction 30 Disable Personís organizations made a district level federation. For all these achievements and her tremendous courage to fight against all odds, Padmini was awarded by the Governor of Odisha on International Women Day organized by NAWO Odisha in March 2013.

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