International Women’s Day
 Women and girls at the pre-migration and pre-decision making stage at Ganjam linked with alternatives at source
 Gram panchayat development plan for the elected PRI members
 Children up and about at State Learning Center leaving disabilities behind
 PC & PNDT Project
 Support our mothers' Day Campaign NOW
 Ashish rising from the barriers
 International Migrants Day
 Eventful and productive year end for children at Kamkhyanagar
 Children rejoice on International Day for people with disabilities

WE CAN forum shall keep the spirit of WE CAN campaign alive

A training session was on the formation of the WE CAN forum in five two-day sessions. The training was organized at different locations including Bhubaneswar, Cuttuck and Sambhalpur to capture maximum number of participants from different cities. Participants from nearby districts attended the sessions each time. WE CAN trainers Mr. Deepak Kabir (core group member), Mr. Sanjib Ghosh, Mr. Rajeeb Nayak and Ms. Sarmistha Rout were the resource persons. The objective was to inform participants on the process of forming WE CAN forum (Mumkin Munch). The forum connects together diverse organisations and individuals that work towards a common goal. The forum shall keep the spirit of WE CAN alive and promise positive social change through collective action of the members of the forum even after the formal closure of the campaign. The discussions by the resource persons during the sessions revolved around inequality between males and females prevailing in the society. These included inequalities in terms of right to make different decisions in life, right to property and expected roles & responsibilities. Issues of violence against women and the history of such violence was discussed as well by Mrs. Sneha Mishra, (State Coordinator). The sessions were very engaging where participants were fully involved in the discussions and activities conducted to understand the prevailing discrimination. Mrs. Sneha Mishra (State Coordinator) shared the idea of Mumkin Manch at national level and its constitution. Also, people from the entire districts present in the programme shared their ideas. The group decided to consider Advocates, Teachers, Volunteers SHG members, media person to represent the General Body of WE CAN change makers and the chosen five facilitators would represent the Executive Body.

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