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‘Count Us In’- a campaign for inclusion of PWDs in Census 2011.

The Census 2011 enumeration took place 9th – 28th February 2011. “Count Us In” is our campaign for inclusion of persons with disabilities in Census 2011. In 2001 disability was added in the census questionnaire; however a lack of awareness amongst the general public and enumerators, as well as a non-detailed question, meant that the resulting figures of PWDs did not reflect the reality. This year, the census has detailed questions on disability and has been moved up from question 15 to question 9. By raising awareness we hope to ensure PWDs are counted and a good and actual number of PWDs will come in Census 2011. Only with official figures can we begin to provide the necessary facilities for PWDs in our community. Different strategies have been initiated to spread the campaign message in rural pockets of state like district/block level stakeholders meeting, postering of campaign message in different Govt. offices, distribution of leaflets and airing of TV spot in local cable channels as well as Govt/Private TV channels. Watch our campaign video, which was aired on Odia Door Darshan Channel and Naxatra TV Channel during February, with the support of Panchayat Raj Dept. Govt of Odisha.
See the provisional census results here

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