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International domestic workers day

On June 16 Aaina observed International domestic workers day at, Surada, Ganjam where 75 women leaders attended the program. The objective was to create visibility of vital role of women as domestic workers not only for the family but also as contributors in the economy.
Women leaders rallied through the town with placards sensitizing the public on rights of domestic workers followed by the program. Aaina staff, sarpanch of the block, executive officer was present in the program. Woman leaders presented a self made song highlighting migration issues and women’s role in family and their indirect contribution towards per capita income of the family.
Mr. Ram Sabar,sarapanch of Goudgotha G.P reinforced the importance of women being vital agents for family bonding and family earnings. Attention was brought to the fact that in spite of different programs for women faulty systems become barriers in the mainstreaming of the programs forcing women to migrate.
Three women leaders shared their success stories and the role of union formation in their success. Executive officer of Goudgotha GP informed on various social security schemes and livelihood program. It turned out to be a interface meeting of women union leaders and panchayati raj members to discuss difficulties in relation to women as domestic workers, their migration and come out with probable solutions.

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