Launch of Ama Anubhuti- Annuak News Letter
 Pre decision and pre departure training
 International domestic workers day
 Black to Well Read Shortlisted among top 60
 15 children with disabilities get academic support through Bridge Centers
 Round-table discussion on appropriate disposal technique of menstrual waste
 International Women’s Day
 Women and girls at the pre-migration and pre-decision making stage at Ganjam linked with alternatives at source
 Gram panchayat development plan for the elected PRI members
 Children up and about at State Learning Center leaving disabilities behind

Help Aaina raise funds to strengthen 60 Self Help Groups of people with disabilities

Aaina has facilitated formation of 250 SHGs of persons with disabilities in the state of Odisha with the vision of providing a common platform to discuss financial issues and also social aspect in life affecting them. From these 250 SHGs at least 60 of the SHGs need to be capacitated to maintain sustainability. The members have potential to grow but lack social impetus and apt market knowledge. Aaina has partnered with Give Now online fund raising platform to meet the cause
  • Development of social responsibility among leaders and members
  • Development of leadership skills with special focus on women with disabilities
  • Training on micro level planning related to livelihood
  • Advocacy training

So far 16000 have been raised but at least 6 lakh are needed for sustainability of 60 SHGs. Your support will help social independence and dignified life of 500 people with disabilities. Kindly click here to know more and support

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