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12 children mainstreamed and enjoy quality time

Aaina staff has utilized its financial resources towards providing home based physiotherapy and academic help to children with disability. Home visits to 12 children with cerebral palsy and mentally challenged were made. Children with learning disability have been taught to write their names and name of their village and address. Besides children were facilitated in doing their homework given from school. Teachers of the children were also made aware of the specific needs of the children so that they spend quality time in school. Physiotherapy skills were transferred among the parents of the children so that they can help their children in the long run. The parents of the children also now realize the improvement in their children that is helping them spend quality time in school and maintain their retention. One of the mothers explains “ My child was going to school in spite of having cerebral palsy but he remained isolated. His peers and teachers were also unaware of his specific needs. This bothered him a lot and he refused to go to school every day. But after the discussion of Aaina staff with teachers and their assistance to my child, he is being able to spend more quality time in school. He now goes with his friends to school and hardly skips a day!”

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