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Village women succeed in managing milk cooperative

After several meeting with women of Nuagaon village of Nugaon Panchayat women decided to join the milk cooperative. 22 women have joined SEWA in this village and 19 of them are bringing milk of the cows owned by them to the local depot that has been created through the SEWA/Aaina initiative. A depot was started earlier in this village but it did not succeed because there was no ground work done. Now that the team has worked with the women for the last three months and explained to them the meaning of coming together, the depot has been started by OMFED. Earlier the collection was limited to 50 liters, but now the collection is 75-80 liters average and as per the condition OMFED sends their vehicle to collect the milk. Women have 2-3 cows on the average although some have 6 and one even 17. All the cows are of local breeds and hence do not require much investment in feeding and care. The bank account of the group also has been opened in Canara Bank at Nuagaon village for smooth transaction. There seems to be much enthusiasm which needs to be sustained.

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