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A Roar on Menstrual Hygiene Day breaks the silence

Aaina joined hands with Water Aid, NAWO, Practical Action & other CSOs of the state on Menstrual Hygiene Day (May 28th) this year to scale up the awareness on menstrual hygiene and push forward the talk of the issue in public. Different activities at varied public platforms acted as catalyst to start the conversation on menstrual hygiene by common people and establish the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders.
Bhubaneswar staff of Aaina and NAWO orientated 120 students both boys and girls of Centurion University at an interactive workshop on problems girls face due to taboos surrounding menstruation. Boys were told how to help/support a girl or woman during their difficult days in schools, colleges and home. The day was also marked by sharing of the National Guideline on Menstrual Hygiene 2015 developed by Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation, GoI with the key stakeholders of the state including Govt. representatives of key departments, CSOs, Media and professionals.
Puppet Show & Snake-Ladder Game with the theme of menstrual hygiene were organized at “Rahagiri”. Raahgiri takes place every Sunday morning in the city witnessing around 50,000 populations enjoying and participating different creative activities performed by range of groups and people. Puppet show being one of the traditional story telling method was introduced to aware the floating population on different myths and facts on menstruation.

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